GST Billing

We have added various features which is useful for the GST billing application.

Detail Information of this forms as shown below :

Company Details

In this form User can add or insert various company names with their company details like GST number, Address, contact details etc. User can easily search existing company detail from this, so it will make easy to user to find out information of specific company.

New Financial Year Database

User can add current or new year financial database and can also insert New Vendor’s company details.

Customer Details

User can add New customer details in database form which includes all information of customer.

Employee Details

User can add Present or Past employees details in database which includes Specific Login ID and Password.

State & Area Details

User can add state details and area details in database.

Tax Details

There are different types of taxes so according to this user can add tax which he wants to add in database & also use can calculate tax easily in this.

Product & Category Details

with the help of this option user can add there product and can select specific category of the product in database.

Vehicle & Expense Details

User can add the type of vehicle used during this and can also add expense of this.

Bank Details

User can add bank details of customer, employees in this form.

Order Details

The order received from the clients , we can add in this with Order Number , Order Date and Parent Company in this.User can access the information of Order Receive with the option of Order ID & Other details.

Stock Return

In this If user wants to return the remaining stock, then he can make entry in this & also can calculate stock which is pending and stock which is sold out.

Invoice Or Bill Details

User can make customer bill or invoice in this which includes the material he purchased, amount of material Purchased , Price of the Material , Contact Information of the customer etc. and User can add tax type in this invoice so he can calculate there tax whatever in this form & can easily generate the bill.

Delivery Chalan

User can add Driver name with its vehicle and date , So he can easily generate bill according to this.

Customer Payment

In this the best option available for payment , User can access In this.

Expenses Transaction

User can Insert the expenses happened in this past and can easily track the record.

Vendor Payment

For the payment of Vendor , through this form user can generate the process.

Download GST Report / Product Sales Report / Expenses Report

User can download or track the reports.


Expenses Tracking System

Store and Track expenses to all customers

In few seconds you will get to know how much you are spending.

Super-Fast Transaction

Secure online payment gateway.

SMS & Email integration done easily.

You can send SMS & Email to customers automatically.

Maintain Information

You can store/maintain information’s

You can maintain billing information.

File your GST return efficiently.

Automatic Payment Reminder System

Client will receive reminder automatically & manually also.

Reliable online payment gateway system to pay GST.

Attractive Invoices

Calculate GST business in seconds.

Send Invoices automatically& manually.

Make sure your business is compliant tax consent.